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About Us

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LevelUP: A Game of Success is a fun and dynamic board game that explores careers through the lens of investing in your community, soft skills, and life nuances!


Players roll the dice and move around the board and experience various aspects of career pathways through gameplay that also incorporates themes such as

socio-emotional wellness and financial literacy. The first one

to reach Boss Status in their Career wins the game!


Courtney Baker

"Games and art can make learning fun, relatable, and relevant in ways that engage and satiate our need to express ourselves.


If ever we needed more positive outlets of expression and creativity, now is definitely the time."

-  CEO Courtney Baker, creator of LevelUP excerpt from CEEM Magazine's

LevelUP feature in the Black History Month issue.

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CEEM Interactive​ is a cognitive training development start-up that specializes in educational art and gaming initiatives. Our mission is to empower a multi-generational audience through games, apps, and workshops that provide a transformative experience to unlock one's full potential. 

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Exploring Careers through Ed Standards

By integrating elements such as:​​


  • Career Technical Education (CTE) standards

  • Soft Skills

  • 6 C's of the 21st Century standards

  • Socio-Emotional wellness

  • Financial Literacy themes


LevelUP: A Game of Success aims to serve as a resource for college and career readiness, and provide ways to explore aspects of various career pathways through fun and informative gameplay.

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